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  December 11, 2010, Desert Sun (Stephens House)
  December 10, 2010, Desert Sun (Stephens House)

The foundation was pleased to hold a docent-led house tour and recognition ceremony at the historic Stephens House (1949), designed by the firm of John Porter Clark and Albert Frey. Councilwoman Ginny Foat presented homeowners Bob Metcalf and David Skousen with a framed copy of the Stephens House's future entry in PSPF's Class 1 historic sites booklet.

Sited on a large triangular lot in the Rancho Royale Tract, the single-story, three-bedroom Stephens House possesses many of the features typical of the modernist style including a flat roof, large expanses of glass and idiosyncratic use of both glass and concrete block. The Stephens House was an early and extraordinary architectural effort by Clark & Frey and gained national prominence when it appeared in the September 1955 issue of House Beautiful where it helped introduce the idea of "The Family Room" to post-war America. The well-illustrated article showed the Stephens family in full atomic-era bliss enjoying a bright, modern kitchen with the latest appliances and clever storage solutions designed by Mrs. Stephens.

Several Stephens family members attended the event including Jim Stephens (son of Dr. Hugh Stephens), Shelly Stephens, Justine McLaughlin, Mike McLaughlin, Jessica Walke, Ethan Walke and John Allgaier.

As a pro bono effort, PSPF board member Patrick McGrew wrote the Class 1 nomination of the Stephens House and the Class 1 historic site designation was made official by the Palm Springs city council on November 3, 2010.

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