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From the President

While the popular view of preservation is that of a concerned citizen standing in front of a bulldozer, or perhaps an impassioned “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” speech before local government, the fact is that effective preservation is a lot of time-consuming (usually boring) work by committed individuals. Letters to the city, letters to the newspaper, letters to potential allies, meetings, phone calls, more meetings, more phone calls, website updates, email blasts to the membership…it can all be pretty exhausting. However, the results can be very rewarding. PSPF's recent efforts on the Frey-designed Palm Springs city hall (1952) parking lot reconfiguration and the John Porter Clark-designed Welwood Murray Memorial Library (1940) have resulted in some notable (and nationally-recognized) successes.

So we're happy that the season is upon us so we can have a little more fun. PSPF kicked things off this October with a tour of the spectacular DeBrabant House (1929). Attended by more than 350 supporters of preservation, the event gave PSPF an opportunity to recognize the stewardship of owners Mark and Jan Hilbert, both genuine patrons of the arts and architecture. The next free event, on November 28, will be at the Wexler & Harrison-designed Royal Hawaiian Estates (1961), the city's first residential historic district. The Royal Hawaiian Estates event will allow us to showcase PSPF's grant program and give us an opportunity to recognize a group of rightfully proud condominium homeowners, owners who understand the importance and value of historic preservation. Just two weeks after Royal Hawaiian, on December 11, we will have a special event at a “forgotten” Frey, the modernist Stephens House (1949) designed by the firm of Clark & Frey. January will feature our Alexander Weekend Pre-pre Party at a Dubois-designed Alexander “Swiss Miss” where you'll be able to enjoy cool jazz while enjoying great architecture.

So go look in the back of your closet for that vintage Hawaiian're going to need it!

Ron Marshall


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