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From the President

Our recent change in officer leadership is a very good thing - it allows new ideas and new priorities to come forward. That said, PSPF will continue to do what it does best: advocate vigorously for endangered buildings when required but always try to further the goals of historic preservation through more thoughtful and subtle approaches. Our on-going publishing program of scholarly tribute journals about local architects and architectural styles furthers part of that strategy and it continues to be one of our proudest achievements. These tribute journals serve to educate locals, visitors and new homeowners about our architectural heritage and the importance of historic preservation and help make "the man on the street" a preservationist.

The second prong of our "thoughtful and subtle" strategy includes writing Class 1 and historic district nominations for our most treasured architectural resources. This effort will continue unabated and we have a number of board members (and friends of the foundation) taking on this task. As many Coachella Valley cities have suffered staff cutbacks we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of city-initiated historic preservation efforts. PSPF has stepped up strongly in recent years to fill that void and in the process has gained both the respect and appreciation of many local municipalities. It has also given PSPF the opportunity to engage more directly with property owners, neighborhood organizations and homeowner associations who have witnessed the economic benefits of historic preservation and seen that historic designation also increases neighborhood pride.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the many individuals who have contributed to the success of the foundation in recent years. Thank you for showing up at late-night city council meetings and weekday board meetings, thank you for writing passionate letters of advocacy, thank you for making contributions, for volunteering and for attending our events. While our membership numbers have exploded in the last five years--from about 200 to 2,000--numbers alone don't tell the full story: the foundation's credibility and stature in our community has increased even more dramatically. I wish the best of luck to our incoming President Erik Rosenow. I know he will find leading the foundation personally rewarding and that he will have your enthusiastic and unwavering support.

Ron Marshall

Outgoing President

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